The Open Source

The Open Source DNN® Platform provides flexibility and freedom for you and your business. With a liberal Open Source license, you are free to do just about anything.



The DNN® Platform was built to be extensible for easier content management. Almost any feature of the platform can be swapped out. Build your own custom CMS extensions or choose from thousands already built.



The DNN® Platform has a strong track record when it comes to security. The Platform undergoes dozens of security scans and audits by customers and partners around the globe who work with our security team to ensure we pass even the most stringent security requirements.



The DNN® Platform can scale to meet almost any website need. Whether your site is serving hundreds, thousands or millions of users DNN® has proven time and again that it can meet the challenge.


Technology Architecture

In the DNN Platform architecture, multiple websites can be created on top of a basic web application framework. Each website consists of multiple pages, containing multiple mini-applications called modules that provide specific functionalities such as e-commerce, blog, news and more. These modules may appear on multiple pages of the same or different sites Making DNN head and shoulder above any other CMS in the market.

The DNNPlatform runs on the Microsoft web stack, at home on premises or in the cloud.

Creating modules and extensions

Modules are one of the primary extension points in the DNN Platform. They are mini-applications built using the DNN web application framework. Modules can be as complex and feature-rich as you desire; the only limits are your imagination. Developers can use a variety of module-building tools and techniques suitable for all experience levels, making DNN a perfect platform for start-ups with great ideas.

The DNNPlatform runs on the Microsoft web stack, whilst the core is open-source and extensible the extensions can be commercial and therefore IP ownership is assured.


Or explore the thousands of extensions that are already available.

Advanced Skinning and Template Engine

The DNN Platform makes it easy for designers to develop skins and templates that customize designs into compelling websites. DNN enables designers to create layouts using Photoshop to visualize and later turned into HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or to develop the design as a set of ASP.Net user controls (ASCX). Once complete the design can be packaged in the standard DNN extension format for easy validation, distribution and installation.



Provider based platform

The DNN Platform is built from the ground up to be extensible. Most of the platform is implemented using a model based on providers, extensions that replace existing functionality in the core solution. This model enables super users and administrators, with the most advanced level of permissions – to easily change base functionalities of the platform such as authentication. Key types of providers are the rich text editor, authentication, membership, search, logging, and caching. This ability allows DNN Platform to be the most extensible CMS in the market suitable for sites with millions of users.

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