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The Web landscape is changing.  New devices, new platforms, new communication tools and new approaches to deal daily new challenges.  Infrastructure, platform and software are increasingly required as a service.  Your content-managed website must stand out from the crowd.  We approach web design and development differently, delivering amazing User Experience (UX) and business applications that provide excellent performance without degrading the quality.


Design & Development

Using either a content management system or a custom web application.


Performance & Optimisation

Objectives allowing us to deliver tailored web apps.


Social Media & Marketing

We believe these are the key areas to a successful website.

How do we go about building a
Content Management System


Content Management Systems more commonly known as CMS are a collection of software tools that runs on web servers and allows one to create, edit, and publish content at ease with no need to know HTML.   DNN Platform CMS will provide a set of intuitive user interface publishing tools that allows one or more users to publish updates live on the Web and modifying webpage content.

DNN Platform delivers a knock-their-socks-off website experience thanks to the flexibility, power, and renowned ease of use.  Inspiration + DNN Platform CMS = Rapid Success

Salaro core competence is in selecting a robust web platform chosen to meet your needs. Also to  design, integrate and implement the cms tools to bring together all aspects of your business and connect you to your customers at ease.  Salaro will also manage  your hosting and infrastructure requirements ensuring optimum performance on desktop and mobile devices.  Our Website tools can help to monitor performance and metrics.

Building Advanced Solutions at Salaro

Our business-driven approach separates us from regular web design companies. We have acquired a reputation for securing a positive ROI for our clients through world class concept to finished result using tried and tested solutions that have been used for a decade.

Currently our focus is on Smarter Responsive CSS Framework using Bootstrap Methodology for all our DNN, eCommerce solutions where possible. We also complement the solution with native web apps on iOS, Android and Windows. Please go ahead and ask us for a quote to update your current skin to reflect this new technology. 

Strategic-thinkers, top class designers, individual attention, competitive prices and genuine results - discover how we can make difference.  Please use one of our quote pages to ask us for a quote on various Support and Services by Salaro team.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Multilingual Sites
Content Editing
Digital Asset Management
Design Flexibility
Multisite Deployment
Enterprise CMS

For every website we create, we study the needs of our clients and their daily website activities. Then, we develop the necessary CMS extensions, Modules, Skins, and specific marketing message in the form of images, and animations that are specific to their website needs.


1. Study

Learn the business operations and the day-to-day tasks on the website's back-end.


2. Solve

Plan how to make content management easier and faster; as well as identifying new CMS features that are needed.


3. Build

Program custom modules, content types, shortcodes and other extensions for the CMS based on what's necessary.


4. Train

Train staff via seminars, online webinars and provide training documents for future references.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

That’s usually the first question we get when speaking with a prospective client. It’s not that we don’t like that question or that we want to dodge it, however, we need certain details and specifications about your project to provide an accurate price.

We Don't Work for Peanuts, but We're Affordable. The pricing on a basic static 5-page website will greatly differ from that of a database-driven eCommerce website with custom functionalities like accepting credit cards securely or building a solution for your business.

We are more than happy to serve you and deliver applications that you’ve always wanted…a solution that will make you stand above your competition and that will deliver paying customers for your business.

At Salaro we use technology you can trust and therefore fixed pricing in a lot of cases. where we can, we produce visuals to match your requirements as well as general objectives.





DNN Platform is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites.

DNN Platform is designed to make it easier for administrators, content editors, developers, and designers to manage all aspects of their websites. Wizards, content-sensitive support, and a well-researched user interface provide a superior user experience.

DNN Platform can support multiple websites from a single application installation. In delegating administrative options between host level and individual site level, DNN Platform allows administrators to manage an unlimited number of websites – each with its own unique appearance and content.

DNN Platform comes loaded with a set of built-in features that provide exceptional functionality. Site hosting, web design, content management, security, and membership options are all easily managed and customized through simple browser-based tools.

DNN Platform is managed and supported by the DNN Platform Corporation, a legal entity which provides production service level agreements as well as other professional services for the platform. DNN Platform is also supported by its core team of volunteer developers and a dedicated international community. Through user groups, online forums, resource portals and a network of companies who specialize in DNN®, help is always close at hand.

DNN Platform can be up-and-running within minutes. Developers can simply download the software, and follow the simple installation instructions. In addition, many web hosting companies offer integrated installation of the DNN Platform application within their hosting packages making it even easier and quicker for the end user to experience the benefits of the DNN platform.

DNN Platform includes a multi-language localization feature which allows administrators to easily translate their projects and portals into any language. And with an international group of host and developers working with DNN Platform native support is always close at hand.

DNN Platform is provided for free, with full source code, licensed under a standard BSD open source license agreement. It allows individuals to do whatever they wish with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercially, with the simple requirement of giving credit back to the DNN Platform community.

DNN Platform provides developers with an opportunity to leverage best-practice software development concepts by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server, and IIS.

DNN Platform has a pluggable architecture which allows extra functionality and presentational elements to be dynamically added to the application at run-time. By leveraging the base functionality, exposed through the built-in content management system, developers and site administrators can be immediately productive and more focussed on delivering optimal solutions to their own unique business requirements.

DNN Platform is a trademarked name and a brand widely recognized and well respected within the open source community. With over 500,000 registered users and a talented team of developers, DNN Platform continues to evolve its software through participation, trial and error, and end-user feedback.

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User Interface Design for Extentions

Content Managed DNN Platform may require Module or Extensions to also need Skinning and User Interface Design to conform in look and feel  to the rest of the site and general applications. For example an eCommerce modules like Catalook Shop, Revindex and others may need to look good and match the rest of the site design. Blog modules like Ventrian news or any other DNN modules allows skinning help by Salaro's design team.

List Of Third Party Module Skinning

Catalook skinning has been a part of our services for a long time. We often combine it with DNN skinning projects and we ensure that the catalook looks great in whatever design we have done for DNN. Please see one example here.

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These are Modules by Ventrian Systems and are similar to their very popular News Article Module or Property Agent. As well as the Side Link module which is especially useful to show the child tabs in a unique and stylish way.

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Measurable Results

Results matter. At the end of every project you can follow your Google Analytics Report so that you can view all the important data with ease and measure the success of your project by comparing old and new data.


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